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Different designers and architects around the world have almost unanimously agreed upon the advantages that steel offers as a reliable construction material. Aside from the steel market’s rising market share, steel is one of the most sustainable and versatile materials that can be used for building just about anything. Steel is a vital component of shopping centers, residential buildings, and many other essential structures of both classical and modern designs.

Economic pricing

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to using steel as a construction material is the amazing potential for cost savings. With steel, productivity advances can be achieved that save money for business owners and customers alike. The price of steel has continued to fall in the past decades, and today, steel contractors can be tendered in very large numbers. Because of the economic pricing of steel, customers can have a better sense of confidence in the assurance that they will be given proper value for their dollar.


In addition to being economically viable, steel is also highly adaptable. As a construction material, steel can be freely manipulated in order to meet all of the specifications that the owner desires for the final construction. In the event that the owner decides that they want to make adjustments to the interior layouts of any building, steel walls can be effortlessly adjusted and repositioned to either widen or tighten spaces relatively quickly. The ability to quickly make adjustments to steel material allows for a much easier time making any adjustments during the construction process, along with a better forecast for the lifespan of the final construction.


One of the most obvious advantages to using steel for the construction of anything is the extremely durable nature of the material. Out of all of the different materials that can be used for construction, steel is almost indisputably one of the most resistant to damage of any kind. Blizzards, earthquakes, gale force winds, and heavy rain are all things that steel can stand strong in the face of with much more defense than weaker materials. In addition to being incredibly tough, steel is also able to resist rusting and the invasion of mold and insect infestation.

Ductile qualities

Unlike certain buildings that are made up of wood textiles, steel has many more ductile capabilities. Steel is not susceptible to distortion, rotation, warping or splintering. Even with all of its ductile qualities, steel can still be easily transformed into a wider range of different shapes and sizes without compromising any of the structural integrity in the process. Structural steel fabrication can be undergone with complete preservation of the steel’s toughness.

Speed and safety

With steel, everything from extensions to reconfigurations can be conducted with a minimal amount of dangerous demolition and redevelopment procedures. Steel is not only one of the safest construction materials that there are, but it is also one of the most speed-facilitating materials that there are. Steel structures can generally be built within a much shorter amount of time than structures made of weaker materials. The reason that steel constructions can be built so speedily is due to how predictable and accurate steel components are. The swift delivery time ensures that any potential disruptions to urban environment communities are completely minimized.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Federal Steel Supply, Inc., a leading supplier of carbon, alloy and stainless steel pipe, tube, fittings and flanges.

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Tiny living offers some amazing advantages whether you want a retreat away from the daily bustle or want to adopt permanent tiny living. Custom Container Living, the leading tiny home builders in Archie, MO share the best benefits of tiny living in this blog.

It is obvious that tiny living is cheaper than building a big house. Apart from building, you will spend less on stuff like maintenance and utilities. Tiny living is definitely a better option to renting. Great tiny home builders, such as Custom Container Living, help you build your dream home in a fraction of what it costs to build traditional houses.

When you adopt tiny living, you are contributing to a greener environment. Tiny living requires fewer resources to build and heat and cool; even need lesser space and energy. At the same time, you are reusing all those shipping containers lying idle on ports, which would otherwise require huge amounts of energy to recycle. You can choose from a wide range of options and styles with tiny home builders, Custom Container Living, MO.

Tiny living options are easier to clean and maintain, saving you loads of time and energy. You can use the spare time to pursue a hobby or a passion you always postponed due to lack of time.

Since tiny living costs much less to create and maintain, you stay away from the vicious mortgage cycle people get into when they buy traditional houses. Keep your money, cut the hassle and enjoy the fun of tiny living in an innovative house from Custom Container Living, MO.

With tiny living, you have the luxury of a lawn or a kitchen garden around your house. Design a little haven around your house and enjoy a lasting vacation. For tiny living options, call the best tiny home builders in Missouri, Custom Container Living TODAY.

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Shipping container homes have become very popular over the past few years. The best thing about them is there are shipping containers sitting on ports after having been used just once. Recycling them to get a home made by the top shipping container home builders, such as Custom Container Living, Missouri would be the most modern thing to do. Shipping container homes are not only eco-friendly, but also look amazing and are pretty cost effective. Leading shipping container home builders, Custom Container Living explain why it is a great idea to live in container home.

When you think of building a house, cost is obviously the first thing that comes to mind. Shipping container homes are much cheaper than traditionally built houses since so many containers are already available. You also save on flooring, roofing and walls since these shipping containers are made out of steel and are meant to be very durable. To understand how you can use the existing container for maximum benefit, ask shipping container builders, Custom Container Living.

When you use an existing shipping container to build a house, you do your bit for the planet by saving recycling a container and saving energy that would be used to dispose it. The best shipping container home builders, Custom Container Living, MO can help you build a house of a new or used shipping container. Using other ecofriendly options such as large glass windows to use natural light are other means to keep you shipping container home completely environment friendly.

Great shipping container home builders, such as Custom Container Living, allow you a great degree of flexibility with their numerous designs, layouts, floor plans, windows, walls, flooring and siding options.

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Don’t have a quiet place where you can spend quality time with yourself? Can’t work in your own house because of the noise and mischievous kids? You have come to the right place then. If you are planning to shift to a new small house then none other than custom container living would be a perfect choice.

Kitchen-living shot from kitchen side


Custom container living brings you various tiny house plans with attractive prices. Small home plans which are designed by our team would definitely meet your expectations. If you are a family person, a bachelor, a professional or a weekend lover, we have all type small home plans where you can enjoy your personal space. Our layouts come in 20 ft to 40 ft at affordable rates and free delivery within 200miles. Our goal is to fulfill your dreams and expectations.

We have a long list of tiny house plans for every individual, whether you like to hang out at the riverside, want a portable studio or a workshop or an office in your backyard. You can choose the material for flooring and roofing according to your budget. You can even design your small house like you want but the price may vary in this case. Choose from a wide range of sidings, colors, flooring, cabinets, countertops, lofts, kitchenettes, bathrooms and more. We design tiny houses, dorm room, getaways, extra living and storage workshops (coming soon). Custom Container Living small home plans have designs that bring you the best at affordable prices.

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The benefits of container living are amazing – low costs, durability and eco-friendliness being the top three. Experienced tiny home builders such as Custom Container Living, Missouri can custom create the container home of your choice within your budget. Your needs and budget are the primary considerations when you set out to build a home. Here is a list of several others to keep in mind when you want a tiny container home.

Codes and Permits
As with standard houses, container homes need to pass building code inspection and obtain permits. Codes and zoning depends on where the container home will be placed. Tiny house builders Custom Container Living advise you to contact your local city/county authority to discuss what you want to do, well in advance.

Home Plan and Layout
Container cabins come in 8’x20′ and 8’x40′ sizes. For customers with additional space requirements, multiple containers can be combined. Check the internal dimensions as they would differ from the outer dimensions. Find out the door and window sizes and whether you have a say in where they would be placed. Tiny house builders Custom Container Living, Missouri, offer you the choice of many layouts and options to put kitchens, bathrooms, lofts etc. to suit your need.

Are you looking for a small container house to use as a home, storage or extra living? It is very important to keep the intended usage in mind while creating a container home since most are built off-site and installed where you want to set up. Custom Container Living, Missouri lets you choose from
• Tiny Homes – for full-time living
• Getaways – for a weekend at the lake or a hunting/fishing trip
• Extra Living – for guests, office etc.
• Storage/Workshop
• Dorm Rooms – for students/professionals
• Just for fun – for studio, craft rooms, man cave etc.

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Shipping container housing is becoming very popular across America. Several innovative design options, affordability, less construction time and durability make shipping containers a very attractive option if you are looking to build a getaway cabin, office, outbuilding, studio or any other housing option.


You should be clear on why you want a container home. When you are able to explain your needs properly to the shipping container home building company, they can design a better house for you. Custom Container Living, Missouri can build:

•    Tiny homes for full-time living
•    Cabin options for your camping or weekend getaways
•    Extra Living options for adding space to your existing home
•    Workshops or Toolsheds
•    Studios or playrooms
•    Dorm rooms for students or professionals
•    Any other ideas that you have


Every place has different rules about building a shipping container home; for instance, fire regulations, installation rules and permits to build larger homes. Find out the rules and regulations in your area about building a container home. Custom Container Living, Missouri can create a container cabin or house for you as per the regulations in your city.


Get it right in one go when you build a shipping container home with a contractor who has expertise in building such houses. With a legacy in custom building, Custom Container Living, Missouri understands your needs and builds container homes designed to your specifications. Check out a variety of layouts and style options for your tiny house plans at