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The benefits of container living are amazing – low costs, durability and eco-friendliness being the top three. Experienced tiny home builders such as Custom Container Living, Missouri can custom create the container home of your choice within your budget. Your needs and budget are the primary considerations when you set out to build a home. Here is a list of several others to keep in mind when you want a tiny container home.

Codes and Permits
As with standard houses, container homes need to pass building code inspection and obtain permits. Codes and zoning depends on where the container home will be placed. Tiny house builders Custom Container Living advise you to contact your local city/county authority to discuss what you want to do, well in advance.

Home Plan and Layout
Container cabins come in 8’x20′ and 8’x40′ sizes. For customers with additional space requirements, multiple containers can be combined. Check the internal dimensions as they would differ from the outer dimensions. Find out the door and window sizes and whether you have a say in where they would be placed. Tiny house builders Custom Container Living, Missouri, offer you the choice of many layouts and options to put kitchens, bathrooms, lofts etc. to suit your need.

Are you looking for a small container house to use as a home, storage or extra living? It is very important to keep the intended usage in mind while creating a container home since most are built off-site and installed where you want to set up. Custom Container Living, Missouri lets you choose from
• Tiny Homes – for full-time living
• Getaways – for a weekend at the lake or a hunting/fishing trip
• Extra Living – for guests, office etc.
• Storage/Workshop
• Dorm Rooms – for students/professionals
• Just for fun – for studio, craft rooms, man cave etc.

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